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24V 15V 12V to 5V 12V Regulated Power Supply Module High Efficiency Low Ripple and Double Filter

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Product Description

TPS5430 Features:
High current output: 3A (peak 4A);
Wide voltage input range: 5.5 ~ 36V;
High conversion efficiency: the best condition can reach 95%;
Wide voltage output range: the lowest can be adjusted down to 1.221V;
Internal compensation minimizes the number of external components;
Fixed 500kHz conversion rate;
With over-current protection and thermal shutdown function;
With switch enable pin, only 17uA quiescent current in off state;
Compared with other DC switching power supply conversion chips of the same type, the high conversion efficiency of the TPS5430 is particularly noteworthy.
Module Features:
1. Bold high-current routing + vias + window opening + makes the line temperature rise smaller, more stable and durable
2. Large electrolytic + post-stage LC filtering combined filtering effectively removes high and low frequency ripple and switching noise
3. The chip has automatic protection function for over-current, over-temperature and over-temperature
4. Output ± 5V / ± 12V (optional)
5. Use high-frequency shielded inductor to effectively reduce radiation interference
6. Module size is greatly reduced, saving more space 40mm * 46m

Package includes:

1 x Power Supply Module

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